Fitness Entrepreneurs

attract serious clients on auto-pilot

And to ultimately build their fitness empire

Is this you?

Working hard on your instagram content to attract clients, and build your future fitness empire. Hustling everyday to put out content - pics, videos, stories, carousels, reels... stuck in endless content creation.

In spite of all that, you have no control over how often you reach your audience. Instagram does. Even your best audience who actually *want* to hear from you the moment they open Instagram, cannot choose to see yours.

And therefore, you attract far too few coaching clients, and also not the kind of quality people you want to attract.

So what can be done?

Imagine you were on a date and the person at the other end proposes on your first date! Yikes. This is how you approach making an offer right now. But you have no choice. That is all Instagram lets you do.

Sure you have a coaching application form. It is far too much of a risk that a potential client has to take. Esp. amidst the sea of options available today. Unless the stars align, they have been followed you just for the right amount of time, without life getting in the way, or other content (which Instagram wants them to see)

Instead, you build marketing funnels! and put them through it.

Carefully designed journey to take your serious prospects, court them through a sequence of personalized communication (but automated)... at the end of which, they are filtered, primed, educated, with the right expectations and (believe it or not) grateful to get a chance to work with you.

Own your communication channel

Have control over when you want to reach your audience, presenting your offers.

Truly hands-off content machine

Yes, working 24/7 but delivering content 1-on-1 and building the connection and trust.

Automated, yet personalized

Everybody doesn't discover you at the same time, how can the same content be effective to connect with?

Intelligent, interactive

Right content to the right people at the right time to build a waiting list of self-selected clients.

Ready for a funnel demo?

Before you click the button below... know that the next page is a demo landing page connected to a demo funnel. 

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